The Scenes screen is where you'll edit, compile and share your Audition. Just like a real movie Slatable Auditions are organized into Scenes. A Scene contains as many Takes as you need to perfect it.

Add a new Scene

Scenes allow you to organize all your Takes for an Audition. Slatable allows for one Scene where as SlatablePro allows for unlimited Scenes. Each Scene can contain as many Takes as you need. You can add audio of the other characters to a Scene to play back when you record a Take. When you have multiple Scenes there is no need to re-record your audio tracks making it fast and easy to create multi-Scene Auditions when you don't have a reader. Learn more about Takes.

Edit your Audition

This is how you'll change your title card information. If you make any changes to your Audition or contact info you'll need to recompile your tape to see the changes.

Share your Audition

Once you've liked one or more Takes and compiled your Audition you can share to the Photos app and share with the service of your choice. SlatablePro will be offering a sharing option soon called SlateTapes that will deliver your tape with your headshot and rep contact info.


Delete a Scene

To delete a Scene just tap on Edit. The bottom tool bar will show a trash can. Just tap on the Scene you want to delete. Awill appear then tap

Compile, watch or recompile your tape.

You've not Liked a Take to add it to your Audition. Tap a Scene thumbnail and in the Takes screen record or import a Take and tap the  to add it to your Audition. When you return to the Scenes screen the button will have changed to Compile Tape.

You've liked a Take or made an edit to your Audition.

You've compiled or recompiled your Audition tape which is now ready to be shared.

Remember to always follow casting directors instructions for a self tape.