Slatable's built in camera allows you to record, like and edit videos quickly and easily. You can also play back audio of the other character's in your Scene.

Slatable only shoots in landscape  mode

Slatable makes sure your tape looks professional by only shooting in landscape mode but sometimes casting will ask for a full-body slate. You can store unlimited 15 second portrait slates to add to your title card by upgrading to SlatablePro. Learn more about SlatablePro.

Rotate camera

Use the selfie camera to see your positioning in the frame. Make sure to follow casting directors instructions if they have specific framing listed with the audition. Usually a good head and shoulders crop is best.  Learn more about recording audio.


Available in SlatablePro, the timer allows you a few seconds of prep time before your Take.

Distraction free mode

If you're using the selfie camera to record your takes but get distracted when you can see yourself, distraction free mode is for you. It darkens and blurs the screen so you can still see your framing.

Remember to always follow casting directors instructions to the letter for a self tape. Everyone has a different way of working.