Take more control of you self tape with SlatablePro

Headshot on title cards.

Title card options


SlatablePro lets you store unlimited headshots that you can choose from to add to your title cards. Casting directors have asked for this as it makes their job a lot easier. You can add a headshot that reflects the role you're playing. You can even choose what title card to have your headshot, on the end, beginning or both. 

Full-body slates

As Slatable only lets you record in landscape a lot of actors wanted to add a full-body portrait video to their title card. You can store unlimited 15 second portrait video slates and then add them to your title cards either at the beginning or end. Sometimes it's better to have your slate at the end but make sure to always follow casting directors' instructions with slates!

Full body portrait slate import.

Title cards and Transitions

You can now choose where to have your title cards, slates and headshots. If casting has asked you to not include title cards you can even choose not to have title cards at all. With SlatablePro it's even possible to remove the 2 second fade transitions, giving you more control of how your self tape looks.

Multiple Scenes

SlatablePro allows you to have multiple Scenes. This is especially helpful to separate and organize your Takes but it also allows you to add audio to each Scene, so you don't have to re-record a Scene's audio if you want to go back to a Scene you've already worked on.

New Audition settings.

Multiple reps

With SlatablePro you can add all your reps as and then you can choose which one to include on your title card. So if you have a commercial and theatrical agent you can add them both to your profile settings. SlatablePro allows for one agent and one manager on your title card.