Sometimes we're asked for a little more information on our title cards. There are two ways you can go about this. You can use either the agent or manager fields to add your info or you can add a screen recording of a Note or Pages text to add as a Take.

First, write the extra text you want to use in Notes or Pages. You can style it how you want.

Next use Screen Recording to make a short video clip of the screen while the Note or Pages is still showing. Make sure you start and end the recording in landscape.

Once you've saved the video,  in the Photos app tap Edit and trim the beginning and end. Tap the crop tool then tap and change the aspect ratio to 16:9. If you don't change the aspect ratio Slatable won't be able to import it properly.

Import the final video clip into your Slatable Audition as a Take. Tap the heart to Like the clip and place it, by tap-holding and dragging, at the beginning of all your Takes. It will now show up directly after your title cards.