We are aware of an issue with the compiler where videos don't finish compiling, compile but don't play the audition and the app won't save to Photos. Your takes seem like they’re stuck in the app. We’re beta testing a rewritten compiler for the next update. 

Get your Takes back:

Upload your audition to AuditionDrop. In the Preview screen tap-hold Download Take. Open in Safari and download the take. You can then import to a new audition. Previews only last for 10 minutes so this is not a good way to share your audition. You need to publish and create a link to share an AuditionDrop. 

Next steps:

If you've upgraded to a new phone it's best to save all your content in Slatable, delete the app, restart the phone and install the app again.

Upgrading to a new phone using your old phone's preferences can sometimes cause issues. We always suggest a clean install when getting a new device.

Beta Now Available

We have a brand new compiler that is in beta testing. If you'd like to join the team please email us testers@slatable.com