Getting started with Takes

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The Takes screen is where you'll add, edit and organize all your videos "Takes".

Scene Like a Take to add it to your Audition

So you can focus on your acting we've made it super easy to add a Take to your Audition. Just tap the Like button (heart icon) on the Take you want to include. You can rearrange the order of the Takes by tap-holding a Take and moving it into the position you want it to be in. When you're happy with your selections and want to create your tape go back to the Scene screen and tap Preview.

Record Scene Audio

If you have no one to read with you can add audio of there other character's in your Scene to play back when you record a Take. If you're on the Free and Basic plan you can have one Scene per Audition. With Premium and legacy SlatablePro you can have unlimited Scenes and Scene Audio.

Learn how to record Scene audio. 

Import a Take

With Premium and legacy SlatablePro you can import Takes from your iOS camera. 

Delete or share a Take

To delete or share a Take tap on ••• then Select Takes and tap the Takes you want to delete or share. Sharing individual Takes is only possible with Premium or legacy SlatablePro. 

Trim a Take

After recording a Take with Slatable's camera you can trim the beginning and end of the Take. Tap Trim and then slide the yellow handles on either end then tap Done. You can choose to save the Take as a new Take or overwrite the Take with the edited Take.

To trim a Take that you've imported or have already saved just tap on the Take to open the Trim view and go through the steps above. 


Change the order of Takes

If you decide you want to change the order of your Takes, simply tap-hold on a Take and slide it into the new position.

Remember to always follow casting directors instructions to the letter for a self tape. Everyone has a different way of working.

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