How to self tape without a reader

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Slatable's built in camera allows playback of audio of the other character's in the Scene when you record a Take.

iPhone with EarPods, bluetooth controller

Use EarPods for better sound quality. Slatable Premium lets you import audio from a scene partner and start and pause audio with a bluetooth media controller which helps with timing the audio playback.

Scene Audio Best Practices

If you absolutely must read with yourself it's best not to try an accent or change your voice or do anything that can be distracting. Why not add a Slate and explain you're reading with yourself? Just remember to always follow casting director instructions with Slates and with your tape and ask your agent and manager what they think would be best.

Recording Audio

Recording audio of the other character's is really easy. Just tap on record and read the other character's lines out loud, then silently mouth your own lines. This will leave a silent gap with enough time for you to say your lines when you're recording a Take. Act the scene out as much as possible so the timing matches.

Make sure the room is as quiet as possible when you record the audio as the "room sound" might be picked up. Recording in a closet with clothes hanging can simulate a recording booth and can give you the dead/flat room sound you want. If you have EarPods you can plug them in and use the mic which can improve the recorded audio. With Slatable Premium you can import audio from another app. 

screen showing bluetooth options

Slatable Premium Scene Audio Features

if you have Slatable Premium you can control the audio with a bluetooth media controller (not a shutter button). This way you don't need to leave any gaps between each line as you can pause and play the audio to have full control of the Scene Audio playback. See our store for Bluetooth button we use.

Importing audio from a scene partner is another option in Slatable Premium. This way it won't be your voice and will sound like you're reading with someone else in the room.

Playing Audio When Recording a Take

In the camera tap on2 people with sound wavesto include the audio in your Take. The audio will play back immediately on tapping record. If you have Slatable Premium you can use a bluetooth media controller to start and stop the audio. A pop up will ask if you want to play or have the audio paused when you tap record. This way you can have full control over the speed of the scene.

You can adjust the volume of the audio playback with your device's volume button.


We advise not trying an accent or changing your voice as this could be distracting. Talk to your agent or manager about it. You might consider mentioning it to the casting director if you are self submitting, explaining you didn't have anyone to read with. It may set them up right to watch your tape, but this should be dealt with carefully and on a case by case basis.

Remember to always follow casting directors instructions to the letter for a self tape. Everyone has a different way of working.

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