Slatable's built in camera allows playback of audio of the other character's in the Scene when you record a Take.

Best Practices

Always practice with the app before a big Audition.

Try out all the features so you know your way around the app before you get an actual Audition.

Always try to find someone to read with

If you have a laptop you can Skype or FaceTime with someone while you prop your phone up on the screen or if you have a setup where you can have your computer by a tripod, even better!

No one to read with? No problem!

If you absolutely must read with yourself it's best not to try an accent or change your voice or do anything that can be distracting. Why not add a Slate (only available in SlatablePro) and explain you're reading with yourself? Just remember to always follow casting director instructions with Slates and with your tape and ask your agent and manager what they think would be best.

Recording Audio

Recording audio of the other character's is really easy. Just tap on record and read the other character's lines out loud, then silently mouth your own lines. This will leave a silent gap with enough time for you to say your lines when you're recording a Take. Act the scene out as much as possible so the timing matches. Then tap onto include the audio in your Take. You can adjust the volume of the audio playback with your device's volume button. It's best to have the volume as low as possible for playback as the iPhone's mic is very sensitive. Make sure the room is as quite as possible when you record the audio as the "room sound" might be picked up. Recording in a closet with clothes hanging can simulate a recording booth and can give you the dead/flat room sound you want. It may take some time to master but it's really useful when you're caught without a reader!


This feature is quite polarizing in the casting community as there are many casting directors who don't like actors reading with themselves. But sometimes you don't have anyone to read with and limited time to get a tape done. Slatable was created for this very reason, to give actors an option when they are home alone or in their trailer on set.

We advise not trying an accent or changing your voice as this could be distracting. Talk to your agent or manager about it. You might consider mentioning it to the casting director if you are self submitting, explaining you didn't have anyone to read with. It may set them up right to watch your tape, but this should be dealt with carefully and on a case by case basis.

Remember to always follow casting directors instructions to the letter for a self tape. Everyone has a different way of working.