The Auditions screen is where you'll create and edit your Auditions. 

Add a new Audition

A Slatable Audition is just like a real one. An Audition can contain as many Scenes as you like and a Scene can contain as many Takes as you need to perfect the Scene. You can edit an audition by tapping on it. To delete an Audition just swipe left and confirm your deletion. To share an Audition tap on the Audition you want to share, the tap on the share button in the bottom toolbar of the Scenes screen.

Audition Shared

Slatable lets you know when your Audition has been shared. If the circle is red it means you still need to share your Audition.

Profile Settings

This is where you edit your representative's details and your title card info. If you've upgraded to SlatablePro you can import your headshots, full-body slates and add more reps. You can also upgrade to SlatablePro and learn more about Slatable or contact support. Learn more about SlatablePro.


If at any time you need help with Slatable tap on the question mark for solutions and FAQs. We have a dedicated support staff who are happy to help you with any questions you have.

Remember to always follow casting directors instructions to the letter for a self tape. Everyone has a different way of working.